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better ergonomics for a better life

Home and Office

Many of us will spend nearly a decade of our life sitting at our workspaces. This emphasizes the necessity of taking regular rest breaks and the importance of proper seated posture.

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Musculoskeletal complaints are some of the most common work-related injuries amongst office workers. Ergorest decreases work-related neck and shoulder symptoms and related sick leaves by up to 50%.

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Ergonomic mobility

While Ergorest can help anyone minimize work-related discomfort and fatigue, it’s become an invaluable mobility aid for people with chronic and permanent orthopedic and neuromuscular disabilities.

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Our products

ergorest model 330000


Support and ergonomics for all work involving display screen equipment.

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ergorest model 350000


Keep your mouse hand fit for work.

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ergorest model 330016

330 016

Support and ergonomics for all work involving display screen equipment.

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ergorest model 331000


The Ergorest 331 000 offers complete support even in demanding working positions and situations.

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ergorest model 338000

ESD 338 / ESD 339

The Ergorest ESD 338 000 and ESD 339 000 provide effective protection against electrostatic discharge at two support heights.

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ergorest model clamp

Color and model options

Ergorest offers wire range of options and models for your armrests.

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Ergonomics pays back

Ergorest is an effective tool in the prevention of a range of complaints and illnesses resulting from computer, office and industrial work.

  •  Wrists: Ergorest prevents carpal tunnel syndrome and tenosynovitis.
  •  Elbows: Erogrest prevents tennis elbow and other elbow complaints.
  •  Lower back: Ergorest forearm supports guide the body into a better working position, thereby preventing complaints arising from strain on the lower back.
  •  Shoulders: Ergorest relaxes the shoulders and prevents complaints arising from muscular tension or strain.
  •  Neck: Ergorest reduces the amount of strain on the neck, preventing neck complaints arising from muscular tension.
  •  Head: An ergonomic work position helps you to concentrate on your work and keep your mind active
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