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Color and model options

Ergorest offers wire range of options and models for your armrests.

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ESD 338 / ESD 339With electrostatic discharge protection

The Ergorest ESD 338 000 and ESD 339 000 provide effective protection against electrostatic discharge at two support heights.

Thanks to their ESD protection, the supports are excellent for use in the electronics industry.

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331-seriesSupport and reach for demanding situations

The Ergorest 331 000 offers complete support even in demanding working positions and situations. The extension pole increases support, allows you to hold your arms higher than the average desk surface.

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330 016

Support and ergonomics for all work involving display screen equipment.

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350-seriesKeep your mouse hand fit for work

The Ergorest 350 000 provides the same benefits as the 330 000 but is equipped with a separate mouse station. This ensures that the wrist remains in a natural position, even when working extensively with a mouse.

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330-seriesSupport and ergonomics for all work involving display screen equipment

The Ergorest 330 000 is a basic model which provides help for those working with display screen equipment, which places strain on the arms, neck and back.

It supports the arms, thereby preventing occupational health problems, easing the tension caused by working with computers and helps guide the body to the correct working posture.

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